Research on Mental Health and Recovery from Mental Illness

We are the Research Institute at the Mental Health Center of Denver, and although technically we were just funded on May 2010, we have been doing research on mental health for the last 10 years.

We have been doing research in many areas associated with both Adults and Children's mental health. More recently however, we have concentrated our research on Recovery, Resiliency and Wellness in general. We have found that people outside the field of mental health, sometimes can confuse recovery from mental illness with recovery from substance abuse therefore, we are beginning to shift toward the word "wellness", which captures a lot of what is meant by recovery from mental illness.

Part of our research duties include to search for research in many places (including the internet), and since sometimes it is difficult to find good information, we decided to start this blog that will try to bring together research that we find interesting in areas associated with in mental illness and Recovery, Resiliency and Wellness.

We also maintain another blog where we speak much more about recovery from mental illness and substance abuse. If you are interested in learning more about those topics, and the impact it may have on everyday’s life, we invite you to visit our blog. If you are interested to learn about our research, we invite you to visit two of our websites: where we describe our work at MHCD in recovery, resiliency and wellness in both adults and children, as well as a current list of our publications and presentations. Or you can visit where we present more of the services we can offer to centers and other entities interested in doing research and evaluation in recovery, resiliency and wellness, improving clinical practices, creating more effective and efficient use of clinical resources, mining clinical data, etc